Finding flexible solutions to everyday problems is all in a day’s work for the inventors and manufacturers of Radfan. The low-powered fan is designed to sit on top of a standard radiator and direct warm air into the heart of a room, rather than losing it up into the ceiling. It can help increase the temperature of a room by 1-2 degrees, without the cost of turning the heating up.

Managing costs is a key part of their business and one of the reasons why Radfan use Sage One Payroll to manage their growing workforce, as Technical Director, Simon Barker explains: “It’s very flexible. It suits our business needs. And it’s inexpensive, which is important for a company like us.”

As a start-up business they got a boost from awards for their energy saving invention, and in 2013 they received a £253,000 grant from the Department of Energy and Climate change to increase production and invest in further research.

Manufacturing their units in the UK, they now run their business entirely in the cloud as it allows them great flexibility. Simon explains that they chose Sage One Payroll because, “It’s a lot better than the alternatives on the market.”

By making it simple to manage their payroll and workforce, Sage One Payroll helps Radfan focus on building their business and improving their product. Simon says it’s changed their approach to payroll: “We no longer dread having to do payroll at the end of the month. It makes life a lot easier.”

“Sage One is very flexible. It suits our business needs. And it’s inexpensive, which is important for a company like us”

Simon Barker,
Technical Director,

What is Sage One Payroll?

Sage One Payroll is perfect if you start to employ staff. Catering for up to 5, 10 and 15 employees, Sage One Payroll allows you to easily process payroll and submit directly to HMRC (UK) /Revenue (Ireland). In just four simple steps, Sage One Payroll automates payroll, calculates pay, creates payslips, and keeps you legislatively compliant. With nothing to install, be up and running and paying employees in no time. Plus, if you have an accountant who uses Sage One too, they can work together remotely, in real time.

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