Deep Dive into Wellness Trends and User Needs


Deep Dive into Wellness Trends and User Needs

Beatnik Studio embarked on thorough research, identifying key user needs and industry trends to inform the comprehensive redesign of the OptiMe app and brand identity.


Elevating Brand Identity for Modern Wellness

A fresh, vibrant brand identity was developed, symbolizing wellness and modernity, through a new logo, colour palette, and visual elements designed to connect with the audience.


Revamping for Enhanced User Interaction

The redesign focused on creating an intuitive and engaging user interface for OptiMe, emphasizing ease of navigation and streamlined user interaction.


Enhancing Digital Footprint with Cohesive Design

The OptiMe WordPress site was overhauled to align with the new branding, improving user experience and ensuring a cohesive digital presence.


Boosted Engagement Through Design Excellence

Post-launch, OptiMe saw increased engagement and positive feedback on its usability and the website’s functionality, marking the project’s success in redefining OptiMe’s digital footprint.

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