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With an ROI of 9,900%, UX design is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your business. Websites, apps, software and software serve as gateways to your brand, the user experience becomes the linchpin of success. It’s how you shape that experience that is crucial to getting the results you need. Entrust Beatnik for unparalleled expertise in UX design – the key to transforming casual visitors into loyal, returning customers.

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What is UX?

A foundational approach to design

UX isn’t a buzzword – it’s a methodology you need to apply from the very outset of a project. Five key concepts form the foundations of great UX and here at Beatnik, we integrate each one into every single type of project we create.

  1. Strategy: The foundation of each UX project – discovering user needs and mapping them against business objectives.

  2. Scope: Outlining the functional and content requirements for your project based on the user needs we’ve discovered.

  3. Structure: With your user’s in context, we’ll map out your information architecture and design the ways in which they will interact with your product.

  4. Skeleton: Now that we know your users and have mapped their needs against your information and goals, we’ll design the navigation and interfaces through which users can take action.

  5. Surface: All of these elements culminate in a beautiful final design that forms the ‘surface’ layer that audiences will see and use.

The power of the prototype

Beatnik does it better

A core element in UX design is the prototyping stage, where the research into your users is translated into a wireframe and then a fleshed out prototype that represents the final product.

Beatnik cuts out all of the delay and hassle usually associated with larger agencies by concentrating on producing rapid prototypes and iterating based on your real feedback and user testing.

That means we’re not spending valuable time or money deliberating over every last detail. We make a plan, execute our design and then use prototyping to improve as we go. You’ll be able to gauge visuals and interactions, so you can make decisions based on real evidence rather than speculation.

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The power of the prototypeX

What about UI Design?

Interfacing with your brand

UX and UI design have lots in common – they’re both fields that deal with understanding user’s and creating designs based on their needs. UX design, however, is more focused on information architecture and ‘experience’.

UI design looks closely at how a user engages with the experience – the colours, buttons, typography and more that forms the system a user interfaces with.

At Beatnik, both UX and UI are core to our design approach, so you don’t need to worry about the difference. However, if you’ve already done UX projects and just need help refining your UI, we can certainly help you design more engaging interfaces.

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