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Businesses, on their own, can be mundane. No matter what you sell, you’ll have competitors offering similar services. To stand out, you need a brand that conveys your identity, values and messaging. People buy from businesses, but they become loyal to brands.

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Why branding is important?

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Why do businesses use branding? It’s about creating a recognisable, unique identity that allows users to turn into loyal fans [customers]. A great brand is reflected throughout your entire business, with elements including:

User research

User research

we’re experts in UX design, which means we can help you understand your users and their requirements, which can then influence your brand decisions. By knowing who users are and what they want, your brand will be something they don’t just recognise, but actively seek out.

User research

Logo and typeface design

few things are as important to a brand as a logo and associated typeface, colours and other visual assets. They set an instant impression of who you are and what you want to say, and getting it right is vital. Don’t take risks with logo design – choose Beatnik, and we’ll combine user research with our ambitious design idealogy to hit the nail on the head.

User research

Brand strategy

creating your assets is only the first step of your branding journey. Once established, you need to get your brand out into the world and make it unmistakable in the eyes of your users. We’ll help you do just that, whether that’s through a new web design project, print or even the creation of an app.

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Print design

Make your brand more tangible

Print design is still one of the most effective ways to establish your identity. When a user holds your flyer, brochure, business card, etc in their hand, they get a direct physical representation of your branding in a way that digital products can’t match.

After designing and building a new brand, use Beatnik to produce an eye-catching print design that better represents your new identity and makes your business impossible to ignore.

Print design
Print design

Web design & development

Give your new brand a home

Once you’ve built a brand, it needs a place to live. Our web design services offer rapid, responsive websites that will match your branding and help users find and engage with your services.

We’ll use your brand palette and reflect it throughout your new digital home, creating a website that embodies who you are and what you do – which will also give your users the services or products they want in the most effective way.

Interested in a new website alongside your brand? We can help.

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Brand out from the crowd

Great design turns heads. Great branding turns users into loyal fans. Create an engaging, recognisable brand with Beatnik. Fill out your details and let’s get started.