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A new generation of web technology

Web apps make digital experiences more universal. Choose Beatnik as your web app designers – we work to understand your users and then translate your vision into an intuitive app that engages across all devices. Get in touch now to discuss your ideas.

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Custom Web App Design

Why build a web app?

Forward-thinking businesses know the value of inclusivity

Imagine creating an app that can be used by anyone, anywhere – as long as they have an internet connection. No need for the latest, greatest smartphone or branded tech. Just a slick, smooth app experience across all devices.

That’s what web apps can offer. Accessed via a web browser, hosted in the cloud and offering 24/7 uptime, a web application allows you to build something that maximises your exposure to users. Linux, Microsoft, Apple…the tech doesn’t matter. As long as they’re using some form of browser, you can cater for them.

Web Apps by Beatnik Studio

Still the biggest thing in tech.

Web apps combine the smooth interfaces and ease-of-use of mobile apps with the ubiquitous nature of web browsers. We love designing them because they’re versatile and adaptable, resulting in tech that your users can access 24/7 from any device. Web apps offer:

Easy management and updates

Easy management and updates

With a single version that is hosted in one place, you can easily ensure all users have access to the latest, greatest version of your web app.

No downloads or device demands

No downloads or device demands

Deploy your app to the web to make it more accessible than ever to all manner of users.

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility

Web apps can be accessed on any device, meaning Microsoft, Android or Apple users can all benefit.

Cost Eeffective


WWeb apps are an efficient way to design and deploy your app, reducing the costs associated with cross-platform development and multiple versions for different devices.

Web design & development

Don’t run before you walk

Before you deploy a great web app, you need a fantastic website to act as your brand’s home on the internet. Beatnik designs websites for brands across all sectors, bringing our sense of adventure to the design phase and our eye for technical brilliance to the development process.

If you’re interested in creating a more engaging website that drives traffic to your business and builds a user base ready to engage with your future web app, talk to Beatnik to see how we can help.

Web design
Web design & development

Software development

A more heavyweight option

Web apps are great for lots of different projects, but sometimes you need a full software project to bring your idea to life. If you’re considering a technical product that will require installation on a user’s system, speak to Beatnik today.

We build software with the same eye for user experience that we bring to our design projects, resulting in engaging software that stands a cut above the competition.

Software dev
Software development Aency

What’s ‘app-ening?

Ready to explore the world of web apps? Reach out to Beatnik today, and we’ll take care of the rest.