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Build more compelling interfaces and interactions with UI design from Beatnik. We ensure interaction is integral to all projects, designing interfaces that facilitate your user's most crucial needs. We can build UI elements from the ground up or redesign existing products to improve user interactions and boost your revenue.

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UI Design Newcastle

What is UI?

Make interaction more intuitive

In some ways, UI is part of the wider field of User Experience design (UX) – but it’s worth defining it on its own too. UX is a process where designers consider the whole user journey through a product and use design to create smoother, more engaging experiences. UI focuses on the aesthetics whilst prioritising functionality and positive user experiences.

UI refers to the buttons, typography, screens, pages and icons that facilitate those experiences. Through great UI design, users get to interact more effectively with your business. With our approach, important goals such as customers completing a purchase or sending an enquiry will be made more achievable.

Still not sure if it’s what you’re looking for? UI design is an overarching term that involves all of the following:

  • Graphic interface elements such as buttons, menus and navigation

  • Dynamic UI elements such as pagination, sliders, check boxes and animations

  • A defined library governing imagery and typography rules for a project

Interfacing with your brand

How Beatnik does it better

Our approach to UI isn’t just about the user. We’ll bring our adventurous approach to your brand and discover the core goals that guide you forward, then map those out against your user’s needs. That means we’ll create interfaces that work for both sides of the equation, fulfilling your commercial needs and helping users interact with you in meaningful ways.

We delve into your core objectives, aligning them with user needs to craft interfaces that seamlessly bridge the gap. This ensures not only the fulfillment of your commercial goals but also meaningful interactions that resonate with your users.

We’re a small, passionate team, so we don’t mess around. We’ll incorporate UI in any of our standard site, app or software projects, or we can offer it individually if you just need some extra help. Either way, better interface design starts with a chat with our team… so don’t be shy!

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Interfacing with your brand

UX Design

Understand your users to win more conversions

You can only personalise your Interfaces and interactions to your user needs if you’ve done the work to understand them. UX design involves discovering your users, their requirements and their behaviours and then designing your project to better serve them. By strategically aligning your project with their needs, we not only enhance user experiences but also drive revenue and deliver enduring business value

UX is one of the highest ROI activities you can perform in your business. It combines the visual flair of great design with the strategic thinking that drives revenue and provides lasting business value. UX design stands out as one of the most impactful ROI activities for your business, seamlessly blending the visual allure of great design with strategic thinking.

Choose Beatnik, and we’ll show you how to use design to take your users on a journey that results in more conversions.

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Take action around user interactions

Need to improve an existing product’s clickthrough rate or conversions, or launch something new with engaging UI elements from the get-go? Beatnik is here to help. Leave your details below and let’s get to work.