Wearable App Development

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More and more people are using wearable tech, making it the perfect time to launch your own app and get ahead of your competitors. At Beatnik, we have the design vision and technical expertise to build apps for wearable devices across Apple, Android and other ecosystems.

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Wearable App Development

Why build a wearable app?

Wearables are relatively new to the market, but the potential they offer is vast. What was originally just a way to track your footsteps is now a multi-functional device that offers health and wellness, banking, call routing and more.

Developing a wearable app means getting in on the ground floor of opportunity. You need a development partner that recognises the potential of the tech and can help take your project from idea to innovation – which is exactly what Beatnik does. Our specialisms include:

  • Longstanding design ingenuity that helps brands think outside of the box.

  • UX and UI design expertise to help craft great user experiences available right there on their wrists.

  • Mobile app development skills to create paired app experiences between smartphones and wearable devices.

  • Full technical development capabilities that enable us to build in WearOS, Apple & many more.

Mobile apps

Still the biggest thing in tech

Mobile apps are still the dominant force in the tech industry, riding the back of enormous rates of smartphone adoption across the world. Wearable apps tend to be produced to pair with mobile ones, allowing users to interact between their two devices.

At Beatnik, we not only design beautiful and engaging mobile apps, but we have the insight and experience to create wearable apps that mimic your existing brand ‘feel’ and app UI, allowing us to build a cohesive, streamlined experience for your brand no matter how users interact with you.

See mobile app development
Mobile App Development

UI design

A must-have concept for all wearables

UI design is potentially the most important part of wearable app development. If your user interface doesn’t meet expectations, you’ll quickly lose customers and see uninstalls skyrocket.

Crafting a great UI means understanding your users and their problems, then designing an interface that facilitates their needs in the most effective way possible. With wearables, where screen displays are typically small and interactions are more limited, getting your UI right is absolutely vital.

Fortunately, we might know a team that can help…(*wink wink* it’s us.)

UI design
UI design

Make your wearable incredible

Put your business on the wrists of your users and give them an app they use every day. Let us know about your idea below and we’ll be in touch to make it a reality.