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Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. From tracking our health to parking our cars, there’s little that can’t be done via an app. If you are looking to bring your brand into the palm of your users’ hands, then a bespoke mobile app by Beatnik is the way to go.

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Mobile App Development Agency

Do I even need a mobile app?

As a mobile app development and design agency, it might sound counterintuitive for us to ask this question… but it’s a very important one! The truth is that not every business needs a mobile app. It all depends on how your users interact with your product and what’s easiest for them. Luckily, we can help work this out for you.

As UX and UI experts, we’re obsessed with getting to know your users. We’ll never build something for the sake of it, so get in touch with us for an honest chat about how software and mobile app development can turn your first-time customers into your biggest fans.

Mobile app development and design

Covering both iOS and Android, we’re primed and ready to create apps that work for everyone, including:

  • Self-service apps

  • Travel ticketing and scheduling

  • Brand loyalty schemes

  • Membership platforms

  • Booking systems

Got an online store with WordPress Woocommerce or Shopify? You may not need a bespoke app, as these platforms offer a vast array of mobile opportunities. Get a better idea of our mobile development capabilities by browsing examples of our work.

Mobile app UX design

Building with users in mind

UX is a buzzword of development and design, but what does it actually mean for the end user? It’s about creating mobile apps that work for your users. From smooth user journeys to accessibility and clear, concise content, there’s a lot that goes into top-tier UX design. So, bring the experts on board to make sure your app is a fan-favourite from day one.

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Mobile app UX design

Mobile app UI design

Lookin’ good and workin’ hard

The best mobile apps are both easy to use and beautiful in design. Simplicity is often key to app design, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. At Beatnik, we take aesthetic UI design and make it intuitive, creating apps that your users will come back to.

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Mobile App Development

Meet your mobile app developer

Ready to get to know your iOS and Android app developer? Contact Beatnik today, and we’ll work together to create something amazing.