Bespoke Software Development Agency

If we build it, they will come

Every great software product solves a problem. From saving time and money to improving customer satisfaction or bridging a gap… whatever your user’s problems, we can build the tech to solve it in the most effective way. Choose Beatnik and enjoy working with a more pro-active software development partner.

Build Amazing Software
Bespoke Software Development Agency

Beatnik specialises in:

  • Membership platforms and booking systems

  • Payment platform integrations

  • Software compatible with WordPress and Shopify websites

  • Repairing and maintaining software applications to reach your full potential

Solving programs with software

Every problem tackled with tech

Is your tech more of a headache than a help? Bring a fresh perspective to your software project with Beatnik. We’ll take your concept on an iterative journey that:

  • Combines beautiful design with streamlined functionality

  • Builds software applications based on user needs to drive results for your business

  • Overcome any technical challenge with experience in React, Laravel, JavaScript and a host of other languages.

  • Expand into ecommerce with development in WooCommerce and Shopify.

Software made simple

Beatnik builds programs better

ULots of agencies talk the talk when it comes to building software, but few can walk the walk. At Beatnik, we’re running it – we’ll take care of the entire development process in rapid iterations focusing on getting the job done.

No delays or time wasting – just a focused process that takes you from idea to prototype to launch in as efficient a timeframe as possible. Take a look at our software development projects and get in touch to get the ball rolling today.

Build amazing software
Software development

Ecommerce software development

Turn brand new customers into your biggest fans

While WordPress and Shopify are famously easy to use, it takes an expert eye to maximise the potential of these platforms. Perhaps you need a venue booking system, or want to enable flexible payment options for customers… whatever your next steps, we’ve got the skills and knowledge you need to take your online selling to the next level.

Make sure every customer gets what they need with bespoke software development that works seamlessly with your store. Choose Beatnik and get your ecommerce ideas on the road to excellence.

Discover Ecommerce
Ecommerce software development

Mobile app development

Your brand at their fingertips

With over 87% of UK adults owning a smartphone, we can’t seem to live without apps. From mobile banking to playing games, editing photos and chatting with friends, mobile apps are ingrained in every part of our lives.

No two apps are created equally, however. Slow, bug-prone and out-of-date apps soon attract floods of bad reviews on the App Store, so it’s important to invest in the right expertise from the get-go.

If design is the heart of everything we do, then functionality is the brain. We build powerful mobile apps that not only look great but also exceed user expectations. Got an app idea? Choose Beatnik and we’ll make something your user’s can’t ignore.

See Mobile App Design
Mobile App Development

Wearable app development

Make your users’ lives easier, wherever they are

Wearable tech isn’t just for the fitness fanatics. With over 100 million Apple watch users and even more across myriad Android devices, there’s so much potential for wearable app development.

Now’s the perfect time to take a plunge into a growing market. Want to create something that improves your customer’s daily lives? Bring Beatnik on board, and we’ll turn your ideas into reality.

Explore Wearable App Development
Wearable app development

Software development that works and looks good

Whatever your goals, bring Beatnik on board to help deliver the software you need. From building new products to redesigning existing platforms to make them work better for you, we can help. Got an idea? Drop us a line to start a conversation.