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WooCommerce allows you to build a site, grow your customer base and sell your products – but why go it alone?

Beatnik builds WooCommerce websites that wow. After a stage of user research that maps out who your customers are and what they want, we’ll bring passionate design flair and technical expertise to create a website that looks good, feels great and sells more of your products.

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WooCommerce with Beatnik

Why WooCommerce?

Selling made simple via WordPress

WooCommerce is built using WordPress, making it a robust platform that supports sellers doing anything from selling a single course or book on a standard website to a full ecommerce store with hundreds of products. Whatever you aim to achieve, you can get it done with WooCommerce.

Beatnik supports your ambitions by acting as your design and development partner, building your WooCommerce site from scratch to deliver the shopping experience your visitors need to become returning customers.

With Beatnik, designing via WooCommerce gives you all of these advantages:

Integrates with WordPress

If you’ve already got a website on WordPress, or you want to build one that has some ecommerce functionality, we’ll help you create a WooCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with WordPress’s immense functionality and utility.

Fits any requirement

WooCommerce has a huge host of plug-ins and extensions, which can seem overwhelming. Beatnik will help you choose the ones that suit your goals and incorporate them into your design.

Highly secure

Built on solid WordPress infrastructure, WooCommerce keeps you and your customers safe when shopping.

Plug-in to ecommerce

Seamlessly expand into selling

If you’ve got an existing website, launching an ecommerce offering might seem simple on paper but hard to accomplish. Does your current platform support products, payments and customer databases? If not, you might need to start again from scratch – unless you’re using WordPress.

With an existing WordPress site, you can use WooCommerce to launch a new ecommerce offering without impacting your existing brand. Beatnik will design all of your new ecommerce elements and build them into your site to set you up for more successful selling.

Learn more about our overall WordPress design approach below, or get in touch now to get started.

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Better WooCommerce web design with Beatnik

Interested in building a WooCommerce site or expanding into ecommerce with an existing WordPress site? Choose Beatnik, and we’ll help you become a wizard at WooCommerce, selling more products to fuel commercial success.