Digital Product Design and Development

Make something beautiful

In our increasingly online world, digital products are part of our everyday lives. Beatnik helps you design products that command audience attention and matter to their lives. Working across mobile, wearables, desktop and web, we have the design vision and technical expertise to take your project from concept to completion.

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Digital Product Design and Development Newcastle

Why choose Beatnik?

As an agile, efficient team, we can take your brief and transform it into a living, breathing product without the time wastage associated with large agencies and in-house teams. We bring a fresh perspective to your entire product process and will enhance it via our skills in:

  • UX and UI design: you need to understand your users to build products that work for them. We’ll help you design around your user’s needs and intentions, creating experiences they can’t ignore.

  • Design for the digital age: products don’t live in silos – they’re part of your entire digital footprint. We can help you reflect that by designing web and brand assets to support your product.

  • Rapid development: we build products to a rapid iterative timeframe, moving from prototype to MVP to release as efficiently as possible.

Software development

Powerful tech to meet genuine needs

Software powers the systems and processes our world runs on. We understand the importance of robust software and can help you plan, design and build software that caters for any sector. From building CRM systems for SMEs to SaaS products that corner a new market, choose Beatnik to stand a cut above

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Software development

Mobile apps

Bend their ears

Mobile apps are the dominant force in our digital landscape, propelled by huge rates of smartphone adoption. To build a new mobile app is to appeal to a wide range of potential users in a competitive marketplace where the rewards for standing out can be enormous.

Beatnik can help you do just that – stand out with your mobile app design. We design and build ambitious apps for all sorts of businesses working across Android and iOS.

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Mobile App Development


Wear your business’ heart on your sleeve

Wearable tech is still in its infancy, but it’s already come a long way. Modern smartwatches offer powerful performance and a full suite of app capabilities. With Beatnik, you can cement yourself at the core of this emerging market and design wearable apps that audiences will be proud to wear on their wrists.

Wearable app development
Wearable App Development

Web apps

Mobile experiences, everywhere

Web apps mimic the style and functionality of mobile apps, but are accessible via browsers from virtually any system. Provided your users have the internet, they can access your web app – making them the most accessible and versatile form of digital product on the market.

Web app design
Web apps

Build your product, fast

There are so many delays and deliberations for businesses looking to launch a product. We’ll help you cut out the hassle and focus on the deliverables. Speak to Beatnik today and experience efficient product design for an adventurous generation.